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Freelance Business Writing

Are you looking for a contract freelance copywriter or ghost writer?
If you are outsourcing a project that needs a strong business sense followed by top-notch copy writing and execution, A Hired Writer can help!

A Hired Writer is an EXPERT in creating marketing, business and training materials. You get customized, high-quality, cost-effective sales and business tools that you'll be proud to have for your business.

We're experts in marketing and writing — whether it's:

  • Customer direct mail newsletters, email newsletters or ezines
  • Articles, booklets or reports
  • Website copy and content
  • Press releases, letters, brochures & flyers
  • Training workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, teleclasses
  • Manuals and HR materials
  • Surveys & questionaires
  • Resumes, cover letters and job search materials
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Why Customers Love Us!

Gail Frank, writer and consultant, specializes in creating strong business writing projects that get results.

She brings the expertise of a
solid business background, an uncanny understanding of the consumer, and blends it with the creativity of a copywriter.

A Harvard graduate, she lends a practiced eye to your marketing strategy and execution with her extensive marketing background from top Fortune 500 corporations like Procter & Gamble and BIC Corporation. Read the rest here.

Small business, big business, entrepreneurs — A Hired Writer brings a unique perspective and experience in all 3!


To review case histories of many of these projects, see our Portfolio and sample page!



Whether you are communicating with customers, prospects, clients or employees, A Hired Writer can create newsletters, surveys, email or direct mail pieces. 

Always clear, always brief, and always on target.

If you have a project that needs to be done, but no one has the time, A Hired Writer can become your ghostwriter. 

We can create booklets, articles or reports, or simply just proofing, editing and making suggestions.

In order to create good copy, your research, plans and objectives must be clear.

A Hired Writer can help with development of your business and marketing strategies by using data-based analysis.


Ads and marketing materials that are on target sell your business or service. From the product descriptions to the promotional copy and sales tool, it has to be right.

A Hired Writer can help get the word out with effective press releases, customized letters, detailed brochures and flyers, and well-crafted advertising copy.


"Build it and they will come!" Well, not exactly. Your website has to be a holistic effort tied to clear goals and expectations.

A Hired Writer can help with your strategy and development phase, including goal setting.

Based on the goals, we can suggest a functional layout  and develop all the website copy to make  your site a selling billboard.


From start to finish, your training presentations and programs must be cohesive and comprehensive.

A Hired Writer can be involved all the way from concept to execution, including needs assessments, creation of slides, workbooks and manuals plus scripts or speeches. We can even deliver the training or hold "Train the Trainer" workshops.


Busy human resource departments and small employers sometimes don't have the time to produce all the materials needed to communicate with their employees.

A Hired Writer can help with creating employee handbooks, writing policies, defining performance review standards plus developing recruiting materials. We can also develop and administer employee surveys & questionnaires to get the feedback you need.


Getting qualitative and quantitative input from consumers and customers sets apart the world-class organizations from others. Knowing the consumer or client is the first step to profitable growth.

A Hired Writer can help you discover unmet needs and how your products and services are regarded. We can assist with concept development, focus groups and research reports with actionable conclusions.


In the course of running a business, there are a myriad of materials you need written, but they never seem to be a top priority.

A Hired Writer can help with corporate histories, mission and vision statements, agreements & contracts, business proposals & queries, award nominations, press releases or  agendas & meeting notes.

Career development materials can make or break your chance at a new job. From the quality of resumes and cover letters to biographies and thank you notes, employers will judge your professionalism.

A Hired Writer and its sister company, Frankly Speaking, can help craft all career materials, provide career assessment, plus private or group workshops on job hunting skills and interview skills.

Many non-profit and charitable organizations rely on the public for funding, volunteers and support. Using the right approach and positioning can make a difference in the ability to help others in the community.

Whether it is creating a targeted fundraising letter or program, a brochure for an event, thank you notes or press releases & promotional copy to get media attention, A Hired Writer can help. You not-for-profit organization has to present the most eloquent case it can!




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