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My tagline reads:
"A professional writer who knows business. A business professional who can write."

In the 7 years I worked at Procter & Gamble, I wrote hundreds (thousands?) of memos. Not only did I compose them, each memo was written and re-written until it was perfect. Sometimes documents would be edited 20 times by multiple reviewers before being distributed.

It was a rigorous, demanding environment, but what a training ground!  Not only did I learn to write well, I learned to think well.  I apply the same critical analytical skills to everything I create for myself and my clients.

From "Writing Effective Memos", Procter & Gamble (P&G) Corporate Training and Development (©1987):


Within the Procter & Gamble organization, memos are our basic means of communication. They serve a broad, two-fold purpose:

1) They are the primary means of communication, since virtually all important projects must ultimately move forward on paper. Memos are written to stimulate action, to confirm agreements, top keep interested parties informed, to summarize experience for future guidance, and to reply to management questions.

2) They are valuable as a learning device. The preparation of memos helps to install the need to think clearly, to search for and analyze pertinent information, and to draw logical conclusions and plan further action.

A well-written memo is not only capable of being understood; it is not capable of being misunderstood. An effective memorandum succeeds only when the reader completely understands the message you are communicating.

Good business writing requires a sincere belief in the value of clear communications; a genuine desire to improve; the ability to criticize one's own work, and to re-edit. It also requires a good deal of old-fashioned perseverance. While seldom instinctively easy, good business writing can become a habit.



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