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Includes: Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Special Reports, Booklets, Book Reviews, Articles, Editing, Proofreading

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Project: Create TRIFOLD BROCHURE for business and personal coach

Challenge: Create a trifold brochure for a workshop this business and personal coach was facilitating. Target audience was executives attending a convention.  Goal was to get them interested enough in business and professional coaching services to sign up for one-on-one coaching program to improve their work-life balance. Brochure resulted in attendees signing up for services.



Project: Create "SPECIAL REPORT" for Business Owner to provide to prospects who visited website

Challenge: Conceive, research, draft and write a 10-page "Special Report" booklet for a business owner. Device was to entice prospects who visited website to request it and provide contact information. Report was educational in nature and helped the prospects become more knowledgeable about the business services.




Project: Write e-news ARTICLES for retailer describing new products and trends

Challenge: Research and gather data to create short, targeted copy points to appeal to catalog buyers. Articles were included in the bi-weekly e-news sent to customers and requesters.



Project: BROCHURE/FLYER COPY for Professional Networkers Group

Challenge: Create copy for introductory ezine, brochure and website for a group of professional small business owners. Develop short targeted copy for 20+ businesses to introduce services and highlight unique competitive benefits.




Project: GHOSTWRITE website copy for business owner

Challenge: Develop copy, headlines and layout for website for service provider, based on competitive sites and target audience knowledge. Repackage services and present in a simple, clear manner.



Project: Complete BOOK REVIEWS for national association

Challenge: Read and review select books on specified topic. Provide overview of key learnings and a recommendation as to whether they should be kept on the approved reading list or removed.



Samples of: Newsletters & Mailings, Copywriting & Editing, Strategy & Analysis, Marketing & Sales Materials, Websites, Training, Workshops & Presentations, Human Resources, Consumer Research, Business Management Career Development, Non-Profit & Charitable


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