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Includes: Direct Mail, Email campaigns, E-newsletters, Ezines, Newsletters, Mailers, Surveys

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Project: MONTHLY EZINE for Website designer and web hosting company

Challenge: Create monthly newsletter format, content, and layout for this website design and hosting company. Write articles, case study, news, question and answer and edit testimonials. Provide newsletter in HTML and PDF format.




Project: MONTHLY EZINE for Virtual Assistant and Consulting firm

Challenge: Create monthly newsletter format, content, and layout for this virtual assistant/V.A consulting practice. Write articles, case study, news, and edit testimonials. Research, review and write small business tips, resources and links. Create personalized column and conduct interviews for more information.




Project: DIRECT MAIL LETTER for Real Estate Agent

Challenge: Introductory personalized letter to establish realtor as a resident who cares about the neighborhood and its property values. Resulted in excellent conversion rate for realtor.


Project: EZINE INTRO  for Professional Networkers Group

Challenge: Create copy for introductory ezine, brochure and website for a group of professional small business owners. Develop short targeted copy for 20+ businesses to introduce services and highlight unique competitive benefits.





Project: EMAIL NEWSLETTER for Residential Community

Challenge: Provide monthly news for residents of a subdivision and build a sense of community. Read and research topics from newspapers, emails and websites, and write in easy-to-read format.




Project: Customer EMAIL NEWSLETTER for Online Retailer

Challenge: Create frequency-based newsletter to create warm, friendly, knowledgeable image for this retailer. Target requesters and customers and introduce new products, announce sales and build rapport.




Project: Client EZINE for career consultant

Challenge: Provide career information, tips, articles and suggestions for requesters and former clients of this career consultant and writer.




Project: MEMBER SURVEY for National Association

Challenge: Develop a survey for association to get data from certified members about the certification program, how it was used and how it has benefited them. Write summary including feedback and recommendations for association president and committee.




Project: Mailed CUSTOMER SURVEYS for Retailer

Challenge: Develop a one-page mailed survey for past 12 month customers for this catalog merchandiser of consumer apparel. Enter results, create demographic groups and report on results.



Samples of: Newsletters & Mailings, Copywriting & Editing, Strategy & Analysis, Marketing & Sales Materials, Websites, Training, Workshops & Presentations, Human Resources, Consumer Research, Business Management Career Development, Non-Profit & Charitable


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