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Includes: Proposals, Queries, Agreements, Contracts, RFP, Meetings & Agendas, Corporate Histories, Nominations-Awards, Missions & Visions

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Project: AWARD NOMINATION for Chamber of Commerce Small Business Award

Challenge: Create multi-page nomination that provides business facts, history, data and rationale for annual Small Business of the Year Award.



Project: SITUATION ANALYSIS for consultant presentation

Challenge: Ghostwrite 2-page business document for consultant that summarizes background and history of target client. Sections and data included were: background, goals and mission, marketing plans and strategy,  employee training to date, and  results of customer satisfaction survey.




Project: Create PROGRAM EVALUATION PROPOSAL for manager at a university

Challenge: Create a research and evaluation strategy for both formative and summative evaluations for a training program. Target audience for delivery was  university advisors and faculty, and a strategy needed to be developed for testing and rolling out training program.



Project: Create TALKSHEET FOR MARKETING PLAN OPTIONS for self-published author who wanted to market self-help book

Challenge: Create extensive marketing plans for two different options for author. One plan was more costly and focused on national exposure; the other was slower and more regional in nature. Summarize and contrast the plans for presentation to author.




Project: MEETING NOTES AND SUMMARY for Fundraising Committee preparation

Challenge: Capture all agreements during committee meeting and create memo that confirms changes and needs.  Issue to relevant parties so that action can be taken.




Project: CORPORATE BIOGRAPHY for privately-owned  test prep service company

Challenge: Write short but enticing corporate biography for business owners of a test prep company. Explain years of experience, success rate, philosophy and competitive advantage for prospective workshop students.




Samples of: Newsletters & Mailings, Copywriting & Editing, Strategy & Analysis, Marketing & Sales Materials, Websites, Training, Workshops & Presentations, Human Resources, Consumer Research, Business Management Career Development, Non-Profit & Charitable


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