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Includes: Training Programs, Teambuilding Events, Workbooks, Workshops, Seminars, Classes, Speechwriting, Scripts, Presentations

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Project: TRAINING WORKSHOP and WORKBOOK on selling skills for non-salespeople

Challenge: Develop training class and 16 page workbook for 1 hour class on easy sales techniques for a non-profit organization. Participants had little to no sales experience and were intimidated by the prospect of having to "sell". Material had to be fast-paced and hit the highlights with lots of tips.




Project: PROPOSAL for training class

Challenge: Create concise proposal for creating and delivering a training session on presentations for large international company. Include description, objectives, times, location, pre-work, costs, room setup, equipment, breaks and class topic outline.







Challenge: Tally and evaluate post-training class evaluations for 4 hour workshop. Analyze reactions, share data and make recommendations to client management for future training workshops.



Project: Create pre-meeting ICEBREAKER for group training exercise

Challenge: Create an informative and fun icebreaker for the beginning new team's first meeting. Include as part of pre-work a question to determine something unique about each person. Create list with unique qualities and distribute upon entry. Person who could fill in/match all the unique qualities with the right people won a prize.



Project: Employee TRAINING NEEDS SURVEY for small business

Challenge: Write a survey for a small business's  customer service department. Goals were to 1) get their input on how they think customers would rate their service and 2) have them identify the types of corporate training, workshops and classes they think the department needed most.  Assist the Customer Service Manager with tallying results and drafting a plan to address the employee's training.




Project: Develop and conduct NEEDS ASSESSMENT before development of training workshop for in-house development

Challenge: Develop a needs assessment to be sent to potential participants for a presentation skills workshop. Data were used to develop training program objectives and specific content based on participant's skill level.




Project: Create TRAINING SESSION FEEDBACK FORM for training manager

Challenge: Write a post-training session feedback form for participants to rate a training session. Allow for a scale of 1-5, plus lots of opportunity for open-ended comments to improve the session.




Project: Create TRAINING SESSION EVALUATION FORM for training manager

Challenge: Develop a one-page evaluation form that allowed for ratings of: the facilitator, the workshop, the workshop materials and the overall rating. Allow one area for open ended comments, questions, critiques and praise.



Project: Create PROGRAM EVALUATION PROPOSAL for manager at a university

Challenge: Create a research and evaluation strategy for both formative and summative evaluations for a training program. Target audience for delivery was  university advisors and faculty, and a strategy needed to be developed for testing and rolling out training program.




Samples of: Newsletters & Mailings, Copywriting & Editing, Strategy & Analysis, Marketing & Sales Materials, Websites, Training, Workshops & Presentations, Human Resources, Consumer Research, Business Management Career Development, Non-Profit & Charitable


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