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Includes: Sales Tools & Letters, Press Releases, Collateral Materials, Product Descriptions, Ads, Brochures, Flyers, Promotional Copy, Instruction Manuals, Letters, Catalog copy, Trade Journal Ads

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Project: Write and distribute PRESS RELEASE for a promotion to benefit cancer survivors via The Susan G. Komen Foundation

Challenge: Create promotion for small company. Draft and distribute press release to promote breast cancer awareness and corporate contributions that will be made during breast cancer awareness month. Prep management for potential press inquires and responses.




Project: Develop strategy and write MAGAZINE AD COPY for retailer.

Challenge: Create marketing strategy and define message and promotion for one-page ad to appear in targeted consumer magazine. Work with marketing manager and graphic artist to complete ad.




Project: Create SALES LETTER FOR GROUP BUYERS of target products

Challenge: Research competition and develop campaign and introductory letter to group and team buyers of sporting equipment. Introduce company and highlight 4 key advantages versus competition.




Project: Create PROMOTIONAL DIRECT MAIL POSTCARD sent to members of a targeted national association

Challenge: Buy list from national association and create promotion for discounted trial purchase of products by members. Highlight top brand names and expertise and longevity of company. Work with graphic artist to get project competed and mailed.



Project: BROCHURE/FLYER COPY for Professional Networkers Group

Challenge: Create copy for introductory ezine, brochure and website for a group of professional small business owners. Develop short targeted copy for 20+ businesses to introduce services and highlight unique competitive benefits.




Project: Create PRINT ADS for newsletter for a national association.

Challenge: Analyze competition, develop new strategy, get buy-in and create new print ads for newsletter for members of association. Create one ad for their national convention and one ad to boost the benefits of achieving certification.



Project: Create "SPECIAL REPORT" for Business Owner to provide to prospects who visited website

Challenge: Conceive, research, draft and write a 10-page "Special Report" booklet for a business owner. Device was to entice prospects who visited website to request it and provide contact information. Report was educational in nature and helped the prospects become more knowledgeable about the business services offered.



Project: Create TALKSHEET FOR MARKETING PLAN OPTIONS for self-published author who wanted to market self-help book

Challenge: Create extensive marketing plans for two different options for author. One plan was more costly and focused on national exposure; the other was slower and more regional in nature. Summarize and contrast the plans for presentation to author.



Project: Create local PRESS RELEASE for privately-owned test prep business

Challenge: Write and distribute targeted local press release for small test-prep business. Cite success rate and unique qualities that will earn the business a mention in appropriate media.


Project: Write PRESS RELEASE for holiday/Christmas season gift ideas for online merchant

Challenge: Write and distribute targeted press release for online retailer, detailing gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season.  Subtly include mention of sale and focus on finding gifts for those hard-to-buy-for friends and relatives.




Samples of: Newsletters & Mailings, Copywriting & Editing, Strategy & Analysis, Marketing & Sales Materials, Websites, Training, Workshops & Presentations, Human Resources, Consumer Research, Business Management Career Development, Non-Profit & Charitable


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