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Includes: Website Development, Website Layout, Website Copy

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Project: Create and maintain WEBSITE for non-profit women's networking group

Challenge: Gather information from all members of networking group and create website that showcased all the different businesses. Write background copy for group as well as for business owners.




Project: Develop concept, content and navigation strategy for online retailer WEBSITE

Challenge: Research competitive sites, develop goals and strategies and then develop layout, navigation and content for online retail website. Work with management, graphic design and IT to bring online.


Project: Develop concept, content and navigation strategy for community neighborhood WEBSITE

Challenge: Develop online strategy and relevance of different content for gated community neighborhood with 400+ homes. Develop layout, write content, find relevant links and information. Update regularly to keep residents informed. Create and maintain newsletter lists and write monthly ezines to keep residents informed.



Project: Write and create WEBSITE for high school scholarship award

Challenge: Create a memorial scholarship for a annual student-athlete scholarship. Include how to apply, qualities sought, and historical information on the namesake for the scholarship. Update with annual winners.



Project: Write and create WEBSITE for test prep services company

Challenge: Develop an informative website for a test prep services business. Include workshop schedule, background information, corporate biographies, class descriptions, information about the certification exam and how to sign up for classes.




Project: GHOSTWRITE website copy for business owner

Challenge: Develop copy, headlines and layout for website for service provider, based on competitive sites and target audience knowledge. Repackage services and present in a simple, clear manner.



Project: WEBSITE COPY for Professional Networkers Group

Challenge: Create copy for introductory ezine, brochure and website for a group of professional small business owners. Develop short targeted copy for 20+ businesses to introduce services and highlight unique competitive benefits.





Project: Write PRIVACY STATEMENT for website

Challenge: Research competitive privacy statements and write a statement for online retailer.




Project: Write PROMOTIONAL COPY for online retailer.

Challenge: Conceive and develop  promotion that donates proceeds to non-profit organization in return for sales. Write homepage promotional copy, email sent to customers, postcard sent to past purchasers and press release sent to national press.



Samples of: Newsletters & Mailings, Copywriting & Editing, Strategy & Analysis, Marketing & Sales Materials, Websites, Training, Workshops & Presentations, Human Resources, Consumer Research, Business Management Career Development, Non-Profit & Charitable


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